Minutes, Minnesota State Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Town Hall, Murphy’s Landing, Shakopee, MN

28-29 September 2002

Saturday, 28 September 2002

The thirteenth Minnesota convention was called to order by co-chairs Cathy Lutz and Steven Schmidgall leading 66. Charles Wells offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Darlene Dalton 147t, Matt Wells 107, Stephen Parker 171, Meg Parsons 148, Cindy Kissee 112, Dick Levine 501, James Page188, Christine Stevens 352, Floy Wilder 298, Denise Kania 209, Lou Kujawinski 477, Martha Henderson 406, Kristin Irving 515, Jenny Willard 392. Co-chairs then dismissed the class after announcements.


Kit Pfau brought the class back leading 29t. Leaders: Collette Miller 436, Walter Graff 39b, Gary Gronau 362, Carol Buche 178, Louis Hughes 493, Mryka Hall-Beyer 569b, Charlie Obert 492, Johanna Fabke 83t, Wendy Popp 82t, Mirjana Lausevic 335, Gordon Olsen 547, Charles Wells 47t, Jeff Bell 270, Penny Kujawinski 224, Hans Guttmann 38b, Larue Allen 142, Michael Moore 80t, Paul Wyatt 510. The class was then dismissed for a recess.


Steven Levine brought the class back leading 36b . We then had a children’s lesson. Felicia Stevens first led 163t, followed Leah and Janet Crosby leading 503, and Thomas Jefferson Willard leading 422. Cathy Lutz then led 349, Darlene Dalton 454, Shelley Robbins 474, Keith Willard 99. A brief business meeting was then convened for the purpose of electing the co-chairs of next year’s convention, Eleanor Haase and Joan Fritz. We then elected Charlie Obert to serve as chair for the next Cooper Book Convention Saturday 8 February 2003. The other officers and committees were then introduced and the class was dismissed for lunch after the grace offered by Kit Pfau.


Charlie Obert called the class back with 34b. Leaders: Francis Gurtz 481, Jane Wells 146, Jim Parsons 444, Shelbie Sheppard 211, Tim Eriksen 192, Kit Pfau 203, Julie Vea 26, Val Eng 47b, Matt Wells 77t, Carol Crawford 74b, Jeff Sheppard 196, Stephen Parker 504, Joan Yeatman 143, Steven Levine 475, Doug and Rebecca Donley 198, Bill Waddington 218, Steven Schmidgall led 156 and then dismissed the class.


Jim Pfau brought the class back to order leading 312b. Leaders: Jeanette Nelson 455, Mary Bachman 391, Jim Goetz 52t, Margo McCreary 344, Claudia Egelhoff 556, Jim Crawford 522, Darlene Dalton sang 488b from the Cooper Book as a special request, Eleanor Haase 384, Midge Olsen 277, Michael Shewmaker 40. The co-chairs announced the regular singings in the area and then turned the class over to Rev. Doug Donley of University Baptist Church in Minneapolis. To the puzzlement and delight of all, Donley re-arranged the front benches to seat the party for the surprise wedding of Matt Wells and Lara Andersen. After the applause and the laughter subsided, he conducted a brief and beautiful ceremony, exchanging vows and rings. The class celebrated the couple’s union by singing with them of “Present Joys,” 318, led by Jeff Sheppard. Rev. Donley led a closing prayer and the chairs dismissed the class for the day. (Darlene Dalton later said that she is ready to do the same thing next year, preferably in AL; she just needs a groom.)

Sunday, 29 September 2002

The co-chairs convened Sunday’s class leading 441. The opening prayer was given by Gordon Olsen.   Kit Pfau led off the day with 48t. Leaders: Eleanor Haase 84, Claudia Egelhoff 77b , Hans Guttmann 268, Kim Bahmer 203, Paul Wyatt 192, Michael Moore led his own composition, “Mesopotamia,” Jeanette Nelson 288, Bob Dixon 82t, Julie Vea 189, Penny Kujawinski 328, Denise Kania and Michael Shewmaker 373, Francis Gurtz 500, LaRue Allen 222, Charlie Obert 216, Midge Olsen 362. The chairs then dismissed the class for a break.


Jim Pfau reconvened the class with 32t. Leaders: Mary Bachmann led her own composition “Carry Me To That Far Shore,” Matt Wells 300, Marjorie Benwitz 299, Paul Landskroener 212, Gary Gronau 181, Carol Crawford 448b, Joan Yeatman 496, Jim Goetz 312b, Louis Hughes 448t, Carol Buche 503b, Wendy Popp 472, Kristin Irving 499, Mryka Hall-Beyer 236, Gordon Olsen 159, Meg Parsons 217. The chairs then dismissed the class for a break.


Steven Levine reconvened the class with 29t. Leaders: Colette Miller 368, Jeff Sheppard 273 (for Renee), Martha Henderson 326. Louis Hughes and Charles Obert then presented the Memorial Lesson. Mr. Hughes, who was grateful to have been asked to do this honor at a singing so far from home, read the words from 473, and then led 348b and 229 in memory of the departed. The list of those who have died included: Alabama— Polly Moore, Warren G. Meadows, Winnefred Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Freeman Wootten; Florida – Matthew Ettinger, Viola Geiger; Georgia— Kenneth DeLong; Illinois – John Bailey; Iowa – George Hill; Minnesota--   Sara Thomas, Walter Perlt, John Storms, Palmer Rogers, Glenn Bartoo; Missouri – Barbara Bolles; New York – Vaughan Ward, Jose Aguinaldo; New Jersey -- Lillian Robinson, Phillip Page Jr.; Vermont – Barbara Carns; Wisconsin—Peter Vea, Lee Egelhoff, John Lohmann. Charlie Obert then led 32b in memory of the sick and shut-in. The list of those sick or shut-in included:

California – Sara Curry; Minnesota  -- Helen Stevens, Regina Kania; New York -- Stu Beyer; Pennsylvania – Mickey Woodbridge; Texas -- Kelly Beard, Harold Lackey, B.E. Matthews; Wisconsin – Bob Scorgie, Kathleen Karsten, Mark Crawford; Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Bonnie Brasseur. Charlie then asked Todd Mitchell to offer a prayer for all.

Walter Graff offered grace for the noon meal, asking the class to remember that everything in life, even our suffering, can be seen as a gift of grace. The class was then dismissed for lunch and suffered under the burdens of the table.


Midge Olsen called the class to order leading 47t . Leaders: Johanna Fabke 85, Becky Browne 377, Floy Wilder 402, Keith Willard 460, Shelbie Sheppard 327,   Mirjana Lausevic 379, Christine Stevens 542, Katie Kocha and Kim Bahmer 39t, Cindy Kissee 361, Shelley Robbins 186, Lou Kujawinski 63, Jim Pfau 142, Jenny Willard 530, Val Eng 383, Darlene Dalton 543, Robin Fox 436, Dick Levine 102, Stephen Parker 99. (Parker asked the class to sing loud enough for Syble Adams to hear, wherever she is singing today.). In what has become an annual tradition, an afghan crocheted by Ms. Eloise Jerome was raffled and won by Keith Willard: “Finally!—After ten years!!”


Francis Gurtz reconvened the class leading 56b.   Leaders: Jim Crawford 49t, Bill Waddington 49b,   Jim Parsons 385b, James Page 411, Janet Crosby 107, Tim Eriksen 139, Steven Schmidgall 24b, Cathy Lutz 475, Steven Levine 350, LaRue Allen 200, Jeff Sheppard 442, Matt Wells and Lara Andersen 158, Floy Wilder 187, Mryka Hall-Beyer 479, Penny Kujawinski 42.

The class then attended to its final business. For the Resolutions Committee, Hans Guttmann offered a resolution of thanks to all those who had a hand in organizing this year’s convention. The treasurer reported that we had met our expenses. The arranging committee reported that all leaders were called and that we led 71 songs on Saturday and 73 on Sunday. The roll of states was taken, showing singers from 14 states, one Canadian province and Japan: Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, Alberta in Canada, Japan.   Co-chairs Cathy Lutz and Steven Schmidgall then led 45t as singers took the parting hand. Keith Willard blessed all in their homeward travels with a closing prayer.

Co-chairs: Cathy Lutz and Steven Schmidgall. Corresponding Secretary: Jim Pfau. Recording Secretary: Stephen Parker. Treasurer: Matt Wells.